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Kordel's Eggshell Membrane Plus Hyaluronic Acid
Kordel's Bio-Cran
Kordel's Uriflo
Kordel's Signature Manuka Honey
Kordel's Signature Cold Churned Creamed Honey
Kordel's V-Fresh
Kordel's Black Seed Extract 100mg
Kordel's Vitamin B Complex, C + Minerals
Kordel's Slipvel

Brain & Mental Health

Cold, Cough and Flu

Joints, Bones & Muscle

Immune Support

Skin, Hair & Nails

Energy & Vitality

Eye & Vision Care

Heart Care

Liver Care

Diabetes Management

Digestive / Gastrointestinal Care

Urinary Care

Hormonal Care

Pregnancy & Lactation

Sleep and Anti-Stress