Specialized Baker’s Yeast – Shaping An Active Immune System

Our immune system has evolved during millions and millions of years, directed towards a single goal; to keep us healthy. The primary function of our immune system is to protect the body against infections by pathogenic viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites.

Having a good immune system also means having high quality immune cells that are always alert and ready to fight any invaders. Recently, one of the hottest news in immune science is about beta glucan, particularly from baker’s yeast which has been proven to activate our immune cells. Beta glucan is a group of complex carbohydrates (fibres) called polysaccharides and is found in the cell walls of certain plants and foods. As our body does not produce this type of fiber on its own, beta glucans are available only by consuming these foods or when consumed through functional foods, beverages and supplements that have been fortified with this nutritional ingredient. There are many types of beta glucans that have different benefits based on their chemical structure. 1-3, 1-6 yeast beta glucan is the best documented and most effective natural nutrient to activate the innate immune system.

Wellmune®, a beta 1,3-1,6 glucan, is patented for its extraction process from a proprietary strain of baker’s yeast. Wellmune® enhances the immune system because it primes the neutrophils, our first line immune comrade, which are the most abundant immune cells in the body. Wellmune® proactively activates our immune system to move more quickly to recognize and kill the foreign invaders without over-stimulating it. An activated innate immune system can prevent sickness because it is ready to work, to kill foreign pathogens like viruses and bacteria faster. Wellmune®, works differently from vitamin C. It works exclusively to wake up the immune cells, “train” them to react more quickly when a pathogen is detected. It has a rapid onset of action and improvement can be seen as fast as 3 days. Wellmune® relieves symptoms related to cold such as cough, throat discomfort, runny nose and sneezing, up to 71%, performs much better than placebo in all human clinical trials. Regular supplementation of Wellmune® will aid in building a well-equipped and active immune cell that safeguard the body against any foreign invaders.

As a natural carbohydrate structure from baker’s yeast, the beta-1,3/1,6-glucan is recognised by the immune cells as a foreign molecule and can initiate a particular immune response. However, not every yeast cell wall product has the ability to influence the immune system. Only the specific structure of beta-1,3/1,6 glucans can determine if the molecule can be recognised by the immune cells and stimulate a response.​

Kordel’s Be-Well provides a robust immune system to protect you. It is a healthy drop, contains low calorie – 10 kcal per drop, low sugar – 1.5g per drop (1/3 teaspoon of sugar= 6kcal only), with no artificial sweetener and is natural, safe and can be taken daily by all age group. Build it up. Your immunity is your best bet.

Arming the Immune System

The immune system is our body’s defense system that comprises immune cells and many processes within the body to protect against harmful pathogens. That is why when our immune system is busy fighting pathogens, we can feel tired, achy, overheating and swelling at the glands. We can actively strengthen our immunity and natural defenses by practicing good lifestyle habits and boosting it with the right supplements. Rest more, stress less, eat well and sleep peacefully.  Do the right thing to our body, and your immune cells will certainly thank you for that.  Stay healthy and Be Well.

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