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A 20’s x 6g
B 400g
C 500g
Use Sweetsanté just like how you use sugar, simply replace the exact amount of sugar with Sweetsanté .
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Energy (kcal)
Total Fat (g)
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Kordel’s Sweetsanté

Sweet but not sugar!

Sweetsanté makes the best partner for health-conscious food lovers. It contains cereals-derived maltitol (wheat or maize) that gives a natural sweetness that is similar to common white granulated sugar, without any weird aftertaste. In fact, addition of Sweetsanté enchances the flavor and taste of food and beverages, bringing the best out of your beverages, baking and cooking. Using Sweetsanté is easy; simply replace the exact amount of sugar with Sweetsanté in all your recipes.

A Solution to Your Sweet Tooth: Sweet and Safe

Sweetsanté is a natural sugar substitute, it does not affect your health like what sugar does. Sweetsanté is a gift for your health, with only 50% calories as well as 50% glycemic index of the normal sugar.

In other words, with the same food recipe, preparation with Sweetsanté gives you 100% sweet delight with no guilt and no health worries – Enjoy the 100% sweetness, with reduced calories and no blood sugar spike that upsets the body metabolism & affects your health!

The Promises of Sweetsanté:

  • Proven low glycemic responses (GI=29) and insulinemic responses
    Good for healthy blood sugar control and diabetes
  • Gives comparable satiety level with bread
    Minimise food craving & hunger pangs
  • Proven does not cause tooth decay
    Healthy & good for growing children

Sweetsanté is a product of Roquette, France registering under the trademark of SweetPearl®.