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Active Oat 35

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Take 2 scoops (equivalent to 3g Beta-Glucan) everyday (1 scoop before breakfast and 1 scoop before lunch)
Oat Bran Powder providing: 20% Bioactive Oat Beta-Glucan

Active Oat 35™

Active Oat 35™ is specially formulated with patented chemical and ethanol free process. It provides high strength Oat Beta-Glucan which is clinically proven to lower or reduce cholesterol levels and lower blood glucose levels (provided it is not consumed with food)

Why choose Active Oat 35™?

Active Oat 35™ is made from PromOat™ with 35% Beta-Glucan and it is directly imported from Sweden. PromOat™ is produced by Biovelop AB using a unique patented process which preserves the Beta-Glucan content in its natural bio-active form.

100% certified Natural

Active Oat 35™ is 100% plant derived, MOH, EFSA, US FDA recognised as a functional food.

The Non-medicine way to reduce cholesterol

Active Oat 35™ is a natural oat product, it is clinically proven to reduce LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol naturally, in 30 days.

Dual Action Physiological mechanism

  • Reduces bile acids reabsorption
    Beta-Glucan binds to bile acids in intestinal tract and increase endogenous cholesterol use up by the liver to produce more bile acids.
  • Reduces absorption of dietary fat and cholesterol
    Beta-Glucan expands and increase viscosity in intestinal wall act as a physical barrier to reduce excessive exogenous cholesterol absorption.

How to Choose a Good Oat Bran Powder?

High molecular Weight and High Viscosity

Cholesterol-lowering effect of Oat Beta-Glucan depends on the increase viscosity in the small intestine that reduces the reabsorption of bile acids, increases the synthesis of bile acids from cholesterol, and reduce circulating (LDL) cholesterol concentration.

Viscosity in the small intestine is determined by the concentration, molecular weight and solubility of Oat Beta-Glucan.


Lower or reduce blood cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease.